Inverter 1500w Inverter 1500w
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Inverter 1500w Inverter 1500w
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Economizador de Energia Economizador de Energia
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Inverter 1500w Inverter 1500w
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Medidor de Energia Medidor de Energia
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About Us


With commercial seat Chile - R. M. Jas . - Florida .

It is a young company dedicated to the import and export of all kinds of high-tech electronics and quality , mainly related to environmental protection, for which we offer solutions in renewable energy generation to the highest quality standards for customer satisfaction , based on both photovoltaic and wind deployment in solutions for mining , transportation , industrial and home use .

Mission :

Leading the market in photovoltaic and wind , informing the public of the great advantages that entails the use of renewable energy to care for our environment , as well as being at the forefront of technological advances occurring worldwide.


Being able to offer systems that are ecological and energy saving at a cost that may be accessible for anyone , so that all homes , at any income level , can be benefited by this technology , obtaining savings for their owners and thus assist our planet cleaner and more efficient .


POWERINVERTER LTDA ; maintains strategic alliance with various companies in the country , dedicated to the category of renewable energy deployment , with whom he exchanged information constantly advances in new technologies , in order to give all our customers the best choice and efficiency in the acquisition product , for the development of their projects.

More than 5 years of commercial experience in the national and international market .

Backup and security; unique service we have for all our customers .

POWERINVERNTER LTDA , is authorized and exclusive distributor of the leading brands in Investor voltages on grid and off grid , such as POWER and DOXIN & COMPANY, also distributor of the brands and MPP Solar PBP , all with great prestige worldwide .

We offer technical advice and comprehensive development of renewable energy projects .

Personnel with vast experience in photovoltaic and wind throughout Chile , and recently abroad.



Phone : 2761 52 61